We are a group of volunteers headed by the Capel St Mary Parish Council.

Following recent submissions of planning applications from developers we found that due to not having a Neighbourhood Plan for our village we really were at the hands of the District Council and developers and set forward to request villagers to help support us in the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan.

This is a lengthy and very thorough document that must pass many rigerous tests and assessments before it can be approved by the District Council, but once in place it allows our community to say what development we want and need and where we want it, what facilities we need and the infastructure we feel is required to support our village.

The Working Group is headed by Parish Councillor Michael Hole along with approximately 20 plus villagers all with an array of skills and knowledge.

The group has progressed in leaps and bounds securing a £9,000 Government Grant enabling the team to secure expert advice and evidence.